El Taco Tote, to name a few. "Casa de Yoga is excited to offer a special to our local community and to support local El
cheap jerseys top Paso businesses," said Ryan Prieto, Casa de Yoga’s owner. Buy Photo (Photo: Luis Carlos Lopez/El Paso Times) Balmer and Burtonused a recentearly afternoon coffee break to talk about how their business venture had its roots set 15 years ago. Their families knew each other long before the twowere born, but Balmer and Burton agreed their friendshipwas forged when they were about 10.
cheap nfl jerseys china They said it’s that closeness that led them to forma business partnership. They said they wanted to blend their love for their hometown with a business opportunity that would keep money in the city. The millennial entrepreneurs also acknowledged the "brain drain" that El Paso suffers from and the need to keep and attract more talent to the border
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