The target


The target is quite feasible, says Mr. Garai Makokoro, director of the Energy Technology Institute in Zimbabwe. Africa, after all, possesses some of the world largest watercourses (hydro potential), as well as some of the world largest oil, coal and

The technology that


Gail Tverberg: The technology that is probably best is solar thermal. It works like heating a hot water bottle in the sun. This is especially good for reducing the need to use fossil fuels to heat hot water in warm

But scientists believe


But scientists believe in a number of years it could be cheap and easy enough for people to use at home. Because of that, people who aren even showing symptoms could be screened, leading to very early detection and more

Von Braun noted


Von Braun noted, is that it links world prices for maize and other food to the runaway price of oil. Higher oil prices increase demand for biofuels, forcing consumers in poor countries to bid against energy producers for food crops,

And consider providing


And consider providing relocation costs to those long term, low income tenants who must move so that you can make more money.If those are actions you won't take because the law doesn't require you to do so, all right. But

This is what’s called


"This is what's called a sidewinder key and it's comparable to what you would see on a Mercedes Benz or some other European car. It's almost impossible to pick," he said showing off the key. "This is actually the same

But Jake Fisher


But Jake Fisher, a former GM engineer who now is Consumer Reports' director of auto testing, says the recall should have addressed the oil leak on all the cars. He was surprised GM would allow an open flame under the

Debt reduces the working poor’s purchasing


Debt reduces the working poor's purchasing power more than their stagnating inflation adjusted wages suggest. Although wages have more or less kept pace with measured inflation, its burden is included in the consumer price index. Those saddled with high debt

Until then


Until then, though, stick with the classic Buffalo style wings. A hummus plate ($6) is big enough to share with your favorite army large platter of crostini bread slices and veggies (carrots, squash, chopped radish and more), with a bowl

I bought a new $20 Fred Meyer


I bought a new $20 Fred Meyer sled for the occasion, a single curved sheet of plastic lined foam with four rubber handles. It worked OK, although my feet tended to slip off the front as I picked up speed.

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