Peelies and loyalty programs are two of


Hamburgers: Peelies and loyalty programs are two of the best sources for hamburger discounts. Several grocers are keen on putting peelies (coupon stickers attached to the product) on ground beef that might be nearing its expiration date. Supermarkets are also

The president of the United States


The president of the United States of America is biracial his father was black and his mother was white. That is a fact. However, it is far more convenient when stupidly calling someone who disagrees with the president a racist

Truth be told


Truth be told, two bureaucrats uttered the clearest assessments of Fort Ord. Raymond Fatz, deputy assistant Secretary of the Army, told the congressional panel "closing bases is not cheap and it takes time." True, according to an Aug. 28 report

Super Bowl Features Entertainment


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When celebrating special events


When celebrating special events, especially at weddings and baptisms, Greeks love to dance. Popular dances include the graceful kalamatianos circle dance and the syrtaki, done with arms outstretched or thrown across one another's shoulders as immortalized by Anthony Quinn in

I went with Brownie’s 6 oz


I went with Brownie's 6 oz. Cheeseburger, which comes with both American and Swiss cheese. It was less than $7 and it came with a veritable mountain of tater tots. I think they should lock (Sorensen) up. It's blatantly obvious

When you arrive


When you arrive at Maine Forest Yurts, you'll be greeted by Bob at the Cabin where you will most likely leave your car and be transported by him, in his 4 wheel Polaris Ranger, 600 feet up the trail to

basic landline phone services could be removed under proposed bill


basic landline phone services could be removed under proposed bill While there for sure and Canada needs to tread carefully should Trump reopen trade agreements like NAFTA as pledged America targets are Mexico and China, said Tony Faria, an auto

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